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 Make the Most Sense out of Nothing

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PostSubject: Make the Most Sense out of Nothing   Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:25 am

Hehe! Welcome to Make the Most Sense out of Nothing!

In this game, the objective is, to type the biggest text about anything in the world, but it actually has to make sense and people have to understand it! Then once you've posted, the person underneath must give you a score out of 100, on how big it was compared to how much it made sense, if you understand what I mean, then they will post their go, and the person underneath them will rate them and post their go, and so on...
It'll most probably be boring, but we'll see!

'Pillows can talk you know. Scientific research has been carried out on Pillows to monitor their Cotton Brain Waves, and they say, when the side opens and the inside filling falls out, it's because it was trying to scream that the cat had pooped on it. They also went on to find out that they can also eat stuff! That is your excuse for your school uniform going missing or you not eating 'yer greens' like your mom tells you to.'

Theres mine, not very good, I know, but hey, it's only an example, so someone rate me and type their own!

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PostSubject: Re: Make the Most Sense out of Nothing   Sun May 04, 2008 4:37 am

Ok, i give that um...
79 / 100

Here is mine.
Did you know that pencils have brains? Not brians, brains. So, if you are in the middle of a test. Or exam. Or SAT. Just chew on yur pencil. It will get smaller and smaller and smaller until there is nothing left. BUT: You will have the brains of a pencil as well as yours. Just stick your newly brained hand up and ask for several more. then, when you have eaten them all, just get on your bike and ride to tesco or morrisons or asda or whatever, and buy some. Check the packet for nut allergies (you never know) then take them back to school and finish your test. Share them with your friends and you can all be boffins!
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Make the Most Sense out of Nothing
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