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 My late 700th

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Trainee Mod

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PostSubject: My late 700th   My late 700th Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2008 11:55 am

My late 700th XD. Info:

Who: Naruto62396
When: 04/05/08 7-9 PM EST
Reason: 700th (Im 702 right now)
Where: Brumby


1. We meet at the Cove for marshmellow roasting. If you dont have the marshmellow on a stick, people can share.

2. Sled racing WOOT

3. Night club Dancing

4. Swimming at the pool

5. Dining at the Pizza Parlor.

6. Coffee at the Java shop (Coffee shop)

7. Looking at puffles

8. Find four

9. Mancala (Idk how to play, but I'll play anyway).

10. Snowball fight at the forts (Will be broken into teams)

11. Hockey (Will be in teams. Dress code if you have these items:
1. Hockey helment
2. Hockey stick
3. Red blue HOCKEY uniform, use the football ones if you dont have the hockey ones.
4. Ice skates)

12. My igloo for TV, dancing, cake, laughter and Mariment. Come join!

People coming

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Posting Maniac

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My late 700th Empty
PostSubject: Re: My late 700th   My late 700th Icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2008 2:44 am

Oh no! That sounded so good but I missed it! I'm sorry dude!
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My late 700th
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