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Official Forum Rules

This page contains the official set of rule for the LightHouse Beacon. Follow them, and you will stay out of trouble! First, get to know our staff:

Ambie Gal

Coming Soon

Trainee Mods
Coming Soon

Now, here is the actual 'Rules' portion:

1) Post Appropriate Matierial
2) Don't Spam (Posts saying 'Thanks' are alright in some cases.)
3) Don't Swear/Curse
4) Don't Advertise
5) Don't Attack/Flame Users
6) Don't Double/Triple Post
7) Don't Discuss Hacking
8) Don't Discuss Popularity
9) Don't Post For Banned Users
10) Don't Brag About Anything
11) Report Bad Posts
12) 13 Year Old Age Limit*

If you refuse to follow these rules, you will get into trouble and/or lose any high positions/ranks you have!

*About the underaged users: If an underaged user can prove to be mature, s/he shall be allowed to stay!

Now, if you DO get into trouble, you will recieve an infraction. If it is a serious offense, you may recieve more than one infraction points. You may only have 5 before being banned. The first 3 infractions will be treated like warnings. Your 4th infraction will lead to a 10-day account suspensioin. Finally, on a 5th & final infraction, you are perma-banned. This system helps keep everything in check. Now, here are our posting ranks:

Read The Rules: 0 Posts
Getting Familiar: 10 Posts
Having Fun: 25 Posts
Pretty Good Poster: 50 Posts
Love To Post: 75 Posts
Posting Maniac: 100 Posts
Can't Stop Me: 150 Posts
Wise Penguin: 200 Posts
Beacon Master: 300 Posts
Outta Control...: 400 Posts
Barrior Breaker: 500 Posts
To The Max: 750 Posts
Elite Penguin: 1000 Posts

One last thing that can become a big issue: advertising. If you see someone advertising in a post, report it immediately. If someone PM's you an advertisement, take a screenshot of it and PM an administrator. Advertising is not tolerated. Advertising may be treated by a 10-day suspension, depending on the seriousness.

You get 5 warnings if you advertise, if you just purposely register at this forum and spam advertising and junk loads, it's an instant ban, why would we want you here? We don't need people who don't intend to make friends.

Anyway, these 5 warnings could look a bit like this:

(Advertising removed by: Staff Members Name)
(Comment: A comment the Staff Member has given you)
(Warning Number: E.G: 1/5 The first, second, third, fourth or fifth warning you've had for advertising as a whole)

The Staff Members Name will be coloured in their ranks colour, if you get what I mean, Admins will colour their name Red, Moderators Blue, Trainee Moderators Green.

This system will in time be used for every offensive post, if you spam you will get one.
Thanks again!